Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

"I.O.U.S.A." again

I joined my sister's family in Boston last weekend for college visits (described in the previous friends-only entry). In my brief checks of e-mail and Facebook on my nephews' laptops, I saw that Patrick was in town for "I.O.U.S.A." showings at Columbia on Sunday and Tribeca Cinemas (for some other documentarians) Monday. Sunday's event was very convenient and I hoped to make that. I got antsy when the Bolt bus was a half hour late, and especially annoyed when it went right past my building and I had to continue on to the terminal point on 34th St. and then back home.

I needed to drop off my bag and check e-mail so there was no hope of being on time. The movie started at 5:15 and I got to CU well after 6. I had already seen the movie, though, so it didn't matter that I had to wander all over before finding it. The main auditorium at Lerner had a Chinese dance program, the guards knew nothing, and the main desk told me to go 2 flights down and I couldn't find the stairs. Finally found the right place, which had a nice-sized crowd. The organizer told me Patrick hadn't arrived (turns out he too was en route - from LA), so I sat on the side and watched the end of the movie. Patrick eventually got there and did a Q&A with co-writer Addison Wiggin and someone from the Concord Coalition. I was introduced but only a handful in the audience had seen "Wordplay" (humph!).

I hung around as Patrick signed posters (should have gotten one myself), and got invited to dinner with the Concord people. I gave Patrick a quick tour of campus, and we met the others at a restaurant on Amsterdam. They are still preparing versions for Independent Lens, online, and the DVD so it's too early to think about the next project. I found out later that the sponsoring student groups were Libertarian and Conservative, which shows how bipartisan this movie is.

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