Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Water water

Although the water was being turned off from 9-6, I could not get myself up to shower Monday when the alarm rang at 8:30. I knew I had to be ready to leave at 5pm, and hoped for the best. Turns out the water was sort of lukewarm at 4, and I was able to shower. If not, I would have had to run a bath and dump in pots of boiling water.

My destination was another SAG screening with neighbor J: "I've Loved You So Long," starring Kristin Scott Thomas, acting in French. Subtitles don't bother me, and I was caught up in the intelligent but not insufferably artsy story of a woman finding her way after 15 years in prison. We gradually learn what happened, and it's done well.

I had no plans Tuesday, so slept late and didn't worry about the water, which turned out to be very cold during the day. Puzzles were ready by late afternoon, so I waited until 6 to shower and went to the Times then. The printers were temperamental, which is annoying when it's after hours and no one is there to help.

In the midst of this, I got the exciting news that my nephew had met Obama in Miami, and there was much time-wasting IMing, looking at pictures, and speaking to family. Note to anyone reading this from the NYT: this time was NOT counted in my work hours.

Because of all the hoopla (I'd love to use the word ado but who uses the word ado?), I got out after midnight, much later than anticipated, and had to take a cab home. Then I needed to eat, and though I have ingredients to make veggie/cheese casseroles, went for the expedient frozen ravioli. Cleaning up, I discovered the kitchen not only still had no hot water, it barely had any water. The bathroom seemed OK though.

Today I had no plans other than a Fresh Direct delivery 4-6, and slept late again. The water was cold during the day, with almost nothing coming out of the hot faucets. But while the bathroom is now OK, the kitchen hot faucet is still anemic. Today was supposed to be the last day of the boiler work, so we'll see. I went past the open door of the boiler room while dropping off the FD boxes in the basement, and was impressed how large and multi-leveled it is.

UPDATE: All water is working Thursday. Yay.

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