Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Odds and Ens Part 3

But wait, there's more!

I never wrote about the Pleasantville tournament 10/3. There's not much to say. The usual Magic Wok Chinese almond-crusted chicken (apologies to the rest of the table for eating most of it), grading puzzles (but only until we find the first correct one) in the church kitchen, watching people solve next week's NYT Mon-Thurs puzzles, seeing the usual suspects make the finals (local David Phethean just missed), going to Will's afterward (where for the first time I can remember, someone thought to bring trays of baked goods from the church to the party), and having a rollicking train ride back.

I haven't seen the movie versions of "To Be or Not to Be," so it was with a fresh eye that I saw the play last week. Yes, Nazis can be funny. The woman next to me laughed often and LOUDLY. I'm glad she enjoyed it so much. I thought it was cute.

I like watching precision routines like the Rockettes and cheerleading, but haven't seen much ballet other than Alvin Ailey years ago, ABT once, City Ballet once, and the Nutcracker. I went to see the San Francisco Ballet at City Center without expecting much, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I go to lots of classical concerts, where there's really nothing much to see, but at the ballet you hear the music AND have something to look at. I usually can't tell if a story is being acted out, but just like to watch the movement and staging. I happened to run into an NPLer there, so I could say ballet is like the pieces of a puzzle coming together - but that would be forced.

If I were an English major, I'd probably have my degree rescinded when I say that I also really enjoyed the book "Married Lovers" by Jackie Collins. Sure it's formulaic - impossibly gorgeous and brilliant heroine, sleazy Hollywood types, and a bad guy eventually come together in a suspenseful climax - but I get completely into it. I noticed some sloppy editing where the front flap mentioned Ryan Lambert, but he was Ryan Richards inside the book.

LibraryThing has no supported app on Facebook, but you can import LT into Visual Bookshelf, so I did this, only to find it missed about 600 books. I had originally imported BookCrossing files into LibraryThing and found this import was also incomplete. I'm now comparing the 3 files to get everything in sync (though some books such as library copies, puzzle books, and books I don't intend to trade are purposely not on BC), and this will take a while. I'm also copying reviews from my blog or BookCrossing into the other sites. My idea of fun.

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