Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Odds and Ens Part I

I'm behind in blogging again, which doesn't necessarily mean life's been busy, but in this case it has (at least, busy for me). This means I may miss recording every little life vignette, like doing laundry last Saturday.

Since the weather has cooled a bit, I lifted my boycott on Fresh Direct frozen items which were consistently soft this summer. I already started getting non-ice-creamy frozen food, and this time ordered frozen yogurt and diet Fudgsicles. I ripped open the bag, and, YAY, the pint container was rock-hard. The Fudgies were fine, too. So either they heeded my complaints and froze things better, or it's just easier when it's not summer.

The down side to this order was it was supposed to come 4-6pm and arrived 6:20. I was vaguely considering seeing a 6pm movie at MoMA, but chances are I would have been too lazy to go even if the order arrived at 4. Also, in its favor, FD has been very early a few times. Like, way before the designated slot - the driver was in the neighborhood, and luckily I was home.

I had a Village Voice pass for 2 for "Body of Lies" last Monday, asked 2 people who declined, and put a notice in a Facebook status with no response. Turned out it's just as well I had no companion, since when I arrived at the AMC 34th an hour early, the line ended way behind where I didn't get in to "Lakeview Terrace." People around were pessimistic, but we bonded as we discussed movies and screenings. The couple in back of me turned out to live in the next building; small world. "Full house!" shouted the organizer, going down the line. We weren't even close to the cutoff. The theater also had a screening of "Soul Man" which people were going to try to get in, but I already saw it so went home. This experience made me reluctant to use another VV pass to "Quarantine" Thursday where I hadn't attempted to find a guest. It was Yom Kippur night, so maybe not as crowded, but I'll never know since I stayed home.

By the way, I did end up fasting pretty much to sundown Thursday even though technically I'd fasted 24 hours by early morning. I had fallen asleep and was able to make it through the afternoon without eating. I broke fast around 6pm with the traditional Chinese food meal.

Tyger generously gave me Mr. Tyger's ticket to "Changeling" at the NY Film Festival last Sunday (he went to a hockey game in Prague instead). The seat at the Ziegfeld was reserved, and turned out to be a great spot in the balcony. Clint Eastwood directed Angelina Jolie in this story of a missing child in depression-era LA. Very well done. With all the tabloid hoopla about Brangelina, it's easy to forget she's a good actress. The stars had been there the night before, but this showing just had an EW critic, and the director of a short with a similar theme (soon to be expanded into a feature).

After the movie, I stopped at home and then went over to Columbia to see They Might Be Giants at the children's book fair for the second year in a row. South Field was soft and just short of muddy in the nice weather. TMBG are still super-cool, easy on the eyes (from what I could glimpse over the many kids hoisted on parents' shoulders) and ears (not annoyingly loud). See for yourself, as much of the concert is on YouTube. Lisa Loeb and rapper Common had performed earlier (and I believe Toonhead! and Jeffurry were also there). I didn't look at the book exhibits this time, but walked home after the performance, stopping again at Absolute Bagel, Garden of Eden and Gristede's.

On Tuesday, my Edmonton distant cousins were here for their annual visit. They always choose fine, upscale restaurants, and this year's choice was eighty one, conveniently in their hotel. I tried locked doors to what looked like a restaurant and was directed to the other side of the lobby. Where I had been trying to get in was their private room, where we later learned Itzhak Perlman was dining. Some online reviews complained about small portions, but my meal of rolls, chard and spinach cannelloni, and salmon with cranberry beans was just fine. The others had dessert. They were having a great time in NY and earlier had stopped by Obama HQ (which I passed on the walk back from Columbia) to get T-shirts and other gear.

I didn't see a bus on CPW so went into the subway, only to find (after paying the fare) that uptown trains weren't running and I'd need to go down to 59th, back up to 125th, and then down again. That sounded way too slow, so I came up to the street again, still didn't see a bus, started walking, and ended up walking the whole way home, wasting a fare. I should have gone to the ladies' room before leaving as I'd drunk a lot of water, but made it home in time.

This is getting long, so more odds and Ens in a separate posting.

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