Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The Amazing Coincidence

I was on Cruciverb getting the Sun puzzle and saw a screen name logged in. My first thought was that sounded like Dan Feyer ("winner of the C Division" copyright Ryan & Brian), and the second was that screen name seemed familiar. But why? From the back of my mind came a possibility, and some Googling confirmed it.
Television Without Pity. We were both at TARcon 7 (although we did not meet, as far as I remember).

The photo link on my blog no longer works, but I saved some pictures and, look, there we both are!

Dan notes that his T-shirt says "Annyong, Hermano!" (apparently an "Arrested Development" in-joke).

That was my only TARcon. I just saw Sars and her mother Passerina at the NPL minicon.


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