Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Fast Day

My schedule's usually a little screwy. On Wednesday, I had pierogies around 6am, then slept, then went to the NYT. I didn't eat all day. Even though I'm not religious, I hoped to finish the work before sundown and did. I left around 6:30pm and got home after sundown. Now what? Do I eat, and then fast for the next 24 hours?

I decided to count the fast as starting from my last meal early in the morning. It was already Yom Kippur somewhere in the world by then, right? So I just had to hold out until dawn Thursday, less than 12 hours away.

I was up all night doodling around on the computer. I always allow myself the option of not fasting, and almost went to the kitchen a few times, but managed to hold out (5 more hours, 3 more hours...). I didn't catch up on blogging since that would involve writing about meals, which would make me hungry.

As the 24-hour anniversary approached, I realized I was too tired to cook, and soon was asleep. Now I'm up and I've been fasting more than a day, and feel I can make it until New York sundown. Crazy.

I thought of spending the day in my personal temple, the movies, but that just wouldn't be right. I haven't watched any TV either. But the Web surfing and reading I've done aren't activities the ancestors had in mind.

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