Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I arranged to see "Flash of Genius" through a Facebook movie group, and later got an offer for the same event through the TV org. Feast or famine. The ticket was for 2, and Helene (who is OK with being named and not just H) was my guest. We were chatting with our neighbors on line about free screenings and how we got tickets. They saw "Rachel Getting Married" and hated it. Inside, I saw someone who looked like my cousin R but didn't get a chance to verify before the lights went down (Update: it was not her).

This movie was based on a real guy who invented a type of windshield wiper, had the idea (allegedly?) stolen by Ford, and then spent years fighting in court, sacrificing much in the process. It went on a bit long (maybe to show the real lifelong struggle), but was a good story of the common man vs. corporate evil.

I TiVo'd the VP debate, but haven't watched it. I've read enough commentary and blogging I'm not sure I want to.

Last night I also could have gone to the book party of a friend of 2 friends (where I would only have known the friends), but chose the movie. Found out later it was wonderful. Oh well. Too many choices.

Busy weekend ahead.

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