Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I've never been anywhere near a Hampton, but from what I've heard from co-workers and seen in the Barbara Kopple TV doc and series "Single in the Hamptons" it's anti-En-land. Snooty socialites, wild swinging singles, skimpy clothing, sun, beaches, and tons of drinking. Not for me. That didn't stop me from loving reading about it in the novel "How the Other Half Hamptons" by Jasmin Rosemberg.

In the book, three recent college grads join a crowded share house for summer weekends of massive alcohol, clubs, hookups (sometimes in the next bed), and frenetic socializing. People fight for bathroom space and wade through debris in the trashed house the morning after. I never could have lived it, but it makes a good book. It says something about my taste that I was lukewarm about "The Joy Luck Club" and glued to the pages of Hamptons-lit, but c'est la vie.

I had a pass for "Religulous" on Tuesday, but felt funny about going on Rosh Hashonah, so stayed home. I did see Mike Leigh's "Happy-Go-Lucky" last night. Eternal optimist and elementary school teacher Poppy flits through life, interacting with friends, family, and a new boyfriend, taking driving and flamenco lessons from instructors of varying degrees of weirdness, and having a strange interlude helping a homeless man. A Q&A afterwards with Leigh (star Sally Hawkins was supposed to be there, but was feeling the aftereffects of a broken collarbone) reiterated the director's improv method (rehearse extensively with individual actors through improv, then script and shoot) again and again.

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