Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Yom Kippur 1969

Monday, September 22, 1969

It's Yom Kippur. I didn't fast, but Daddy did. Spent the day packing.

Called E. Her cousin D is at the Hotel Paris. Her roommate at college didn't come. Mr. E sent a thank-you note for the baby gift.

Called R, who saw E at school. She reported J is having a great time at his school, and M is home this weekend. M2 called N, unhappy that the people at his school were unfriendly.

Stuffed myself on roast beef dinner.

Back to Barnard. First to Reid lobby to check seminar lists. Switched-On Bach was playing. Passed Lu outside Barnard Hall.

Went to Johnson. A girl in jeans checked me in at the office. Kids didn't talk in the elevators. The basement is nice.

The W's were upstairs when I got there. I unpacked my things. Sanitary napkins were all over, and it was embarrassing. J and I talked in my room.

We visited our neighbor F in the big single next door, who complained that the kids in the double across the hall play the radio all day long. She's a grad student in Middle East studies.

The shower was soapy on the floor, so I used the next one. It aimed in too high an area.
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