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Running around the city and campus

Saturday, September 20, 1969

Overslept, went back to sleep and dressed very slowly. Ate at noon - L called to me from her seat. She was with D, a freshman who also went to Hunter High. A girl with glasses sat down with us. We talked about courses and AP's. We walked out together. She is A, lives on 6 Reid, sort of hippie-looking [turned out to be a close friend, and we're still in touch]. I forgot my sweater so we had to go up a second time.

We went over to Ferris Booth. The auditorium wasn't that crowded. The deputy mayor made an "eh" speech, occasionally humorous. The tours were starting next. I saw the levitators from last night on the way to Barnard. A went to the Village walking tour, which met by the Greek statue. I was headed to the Fifth Ave tour. On it were the sponsor J who led the commuter group, a girl R from LA who went to E's cousin D's school and doesn't really know him (but admired him because he was so smart), another girl from Hunter, [various people]. The boys struck up conversations with others. R took her first subway ride. We got off at 42nd St.

D [who also ended up becoming a good friend] and I decided to separate from the tour and go to Brentanos. J and the girl from Hunter joined us. We soon lost D. We also went into Georg Jensen, Tiffany's, and Hallmark Gallery. Back to Columbus Circle for the subway. We met D on the street when we got back. Exhausted! In the Reid lobby was S, who had a great time on the bike riding tour, which I should have gone on. Also saw my soon-to-be-suitemate J in the lobby. The sponsor J said we were supposed to sign a daily register, so I did so.

Ate dinner with S and K, who discussed European travels and distrust of her at customs because she is a student. She is writing to a boy in Amsterdam who she says is very unselfish and unique. After dinner, I rested before the night's dance. G came back, in an obvious black wig, at 7. She went to Ta-Kome for something to eat. I rested more. There was a lot of noise from the room next door on the other side, annoying. I got dressed and waited for G to be ready, which she finally was around 9:30.

At the dance, someone grabbed up G right away. I talked to Je and a girl she knew from home. The music started, but I backed away. The sponsor J told us not to stand back there and to move around as if looking for someone. I went toward chairs in the back. The band was playing "I love to screw." It was horrible. I finally left. In the dorm, I phoned E and R in case they were home for the weekend, but no answer.

Ran into M [now an MD, head of a prominent medical research firm] and we went to Ferris Booth, where she asked kids in the lobby to take us on a tour. A guy wearing a brown sweater volunteered. We started at Carman, where there was a party in the living room. A guy asked M to dance with him but she backed out. Then Butler and the other dorms. He likes Furnald best [yay! I lived there senior year]. Said Columbia East Asian center is best in the world, the a-bomb began in Math hall [true?], the computer center is great, and you can go through college and never use most of the buildings. He told us he was Mexican (but never uses the foreign student center), an anthro major, likes "young ladies" and his personal religion revolves around sex [oy. I guess I felt safe with M there, too]. He warned us never to go into Morningside Park [I didn't until last month at the Haystack].

M and I thanked the guy and went into Chock Full of Nuts. I had chicken noodle soup. On the way back in, Je's friend E from home wanted us to go with her to walk someone home to Riverside Drive. Then we went into 616 - not fantastic, but nice. E would want to cook kosher meals there. Back to E's room on 8 Reid. We were joined by W, another Sabbath meal attender who was very short and witty. They talked of a lot of Hebrew things I didn't know about. E is very smart. W was with a boy at the Post-Crypt and told him he could come in whenever he wanted, and he just left. E brought food - I had a little homemade honey cake. M got into Cornell Arts [which rejected me], but got no scholarship so came here. We talked about our courses, and I left when they got tired.

On 6 Reid, went into an open-doored end room. The girl from last night who said we were hiding boys was there. A lot of kids gathered. We talked about shaving legs and events of the night. We all hated the mixers. I showered again in Reid and packed to go home for Yom Kippur.

Sunday, September 21, 1969

I missed breakfast. After bringing the sheets downstairs, I went to meet the W's. The lobby was mobbed and the cases were heavy. We went to Johnson, checked in. J's parents unpacked, and then we went back to Great Neck. Home! We had a good dinner, and I decided not to fast.

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