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More movies

I had a filmmetro.com pass for "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" Thursday. Although an hour lead wasn't sufficient on Tuesday, I didn't want to go any earlier, so met H on the line at 7. We weren't far back, so we knew we'd get in. They handed out swag bags, but it was just a small poster and different hair scunci's. Still, better than the usual swag of zero.

When the movie ended, H immediately said "Generation gap" and I agreed that it didn't do much for me, but younger people might like it. Indeed, the 20-somethings on the crosstown bus coming home buzzed about this scene and that, while I found the whole "After Hours"-ish tale of kids roaming around New York pointless. Well, the point was, they were looking for the secret concert of their favorite band, while getting in and out of romantic entanglements (and one drunk girl had some gross-out behavior), but it didn't relate to anything I'd ever done. I must admit that Michael Cera is really adorable.

Movies at AMC are $6 before noon, so today I went to see "The Duchess" at 11:45 at Lincoln Square. The main reason for going was that my high school classmate Carolyn was the exec producer, so gotta support GNN class of whenever that was. The lushly photographed ornate British settings were similar to "Brideshead Revisited" except this took place much earlier, around 1800 (and I liked this movie more than "Brideshead"). Keira Knightley plays a real-life ancestor of Princess Di, who like Di was a popular fashion icon and doting mother who coped with a loveless marriage, her husband's mistress and her own dalliance, and her notoriety. I enjoyed the movie a lot.

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