Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Today was better

For starters, although the remote wouldn't turn on the TV and the screen still said "no signal," I was able to move to the TV input by pushing the Volume button on the panel. That's some screwed up controller!

Now the remote buttons suddenly worked, and I brought up the channel setup menu to test if changing the signal source did anything. That option was grayed out and while I fiddled with the menu, I lost the picture entirely and worried I'd completely messed up my channels (which are supposed to go through TiVo). So I pulled the plug since it's supposed to reset after 4 hours. Not sure if what it's resetting to is what I want (or if it's even resetting), but anything had to be better than complete static.

I couldn't dwell on this because I needed to leave for a movie screening at 2. This was in one of the private screening rooms, the same place I saw "Little Miss Sunshine" which was too LOUD so I was apprehensive about the sound quality. The room was not at all crowded.

The movie? "Soul Men" with Samuel L. Jackson, and (eerily) Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes who recently died a day apart. It was about contentious former members of an R&B group reuniting for a funeral concert after the lead singer's death. LOVED it! Great soundtrack of '70s R&B. It's not coming out until November, and the credits just read "End Credits" so I'm not sure if I saw the final edit. I'd even see it again. (And this reminds me, I really should see "Dreamgirls" which is probably in the same genre.)

My plan was to go from there to MoMA for the members-only preview of the van Gogh exhibit, and then to another movie. The timing and locations worked out perfectly. But I was so obsessed with my TV woes that I ran back home. I was really tempted to try the TV before the 4 unplugged hours were up (since I read about that on the Internet somewhere and who knows if it's right), but instead went online... and was fiddling around for so long I almost didn't have time to check the TV.

Held my breath... everything working! I know this is temporary since it cycles back and forth, but if it can stay working long enough to watch, I can put off the repair/upgrade to HDTV decision. I'll probably be complaining about this again before long.

Back to 34th St. AMC for "Nights of Rodanthe." I was running late and got there 6:15 for the 7pm showing. Last night that would have put me practically on 9th Ave. and out of the running for seats, but today there was no line. I went inside and saw no sign-in table, and just showed my pass (from gofobo.com) to the guy at the escalator and he told me where to go. Upstairs was a bag inspection, but they didn't collect the pass. The theater was practically empty at that point. The women near me said they got their passes from the Red Hat Society which I'll have to look into (seems sort of homey/corny). The place did eventually fill up (several rows were roped off for a group called Diva Moms), but wasn't completely packed.

This movie was beautifully shot, but the story just seemed hokey. I'm usually easily manipulated, but I wasn't buying the "Bridges of Madison County"ish plot of 2 middle-aged people coming together for a few days, and that affecting them deeply and forever. Other viewers reacted emotionally. I dunno. They did finally collect the passes as we left (though I doubt people were stuck like Charlie on the MTA if they no longer had them).

So I'm feeling OK. The TV still works. I'm making a veggie (broccoflower, carrots, noodles) and cheese casserole. Another movie tomorrow (I hope: it's through the same source that apparently overbooked Tuesday).

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