Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

TV or not TV?

I woke up with a sinking feeling: the TV. Finally I dared to go in the living room, picked up the remote... and it turned on the TV! I was watching TiVO, wondering if the problem had disappeared, when the video input scrolling started again: Video 3, No Signal, DVD, TV. This time the TV/Video remote button cycling these options worked, as did the TV/Video button on the TV itself (which had no effect earlier).

So I watched 5 TiVOed episodes of "The Hills." These were recorded overnight after I noticed the scrolling, and were clean so TiVO seems OK. Young, fashionable, clubby LA is about as far from my life as you can get, and these people can be so vapid. Hoochy outfits and tons of makeup, which ran when Lauren cried. Stephanie's hamster somehow turned into a guinea pig. Lauren talked of "awkwardly bobbing my head at the weird shows" Audrina dragged her to. Still, I got teary when Heidi and her sister made up. Oy.

Sometimes the TV was stable for as long as 30-45 minutes, but then it would move to Video 3 (quickly becoming the screen of doom). Sometimes the scrolling is fast and continuous, and sometimes it takes a break. Very frustrating.

I took the batteries out of the remote to see if perhaps a button was stuck on the remote and sending a bad signal. The screens continued to scroll. When I replaced the batteries, the TV didn't always respond to the remote as the screen moved on its own (and sometimes stayed on one input for a while). And the TV/Video button on the TV didn't always respond either. This sounds like the problem is the TV, unless there's some kind of interference. Not sure if it could be a cable issue. Sigh again.

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