Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm caught up on work for the moment, so can catch up on blogging.

I haven't gotten dressed today, but at least I successfully avoided a book sale at the library down the block. I don't need more books! Turns out the Strand Annex's lease was extended and it isn't closing until the end of September, so there's still time to do damage there.

Books I finished:

"Temple" by Robert Greenfield - This library book was renewed 3 times, and I raced to finish when it was due. Paulie stops drifting in Cambridge to return to his divorced parents and Holocaust survivor grandfather in Brooklyn (which felt like Queens). The plot is a bit slow, but there are rich descriptions of the local shul and the post office where his father works (and an excursion to a James Brown concert at the Apollo).

"The Good Wife Strikes Back" by Elizabeth Buchan - The wife of a member of Parliament has a midlife crisis and empty nest (except for her alcoholic sister-in-law, who won't leave), and wonders if she should start anew in her family's hometown in Italy.

Last Sunday I wasn't going to get dressed, but got an offer I couldn't refuse from N to attend the Italian Festival in Hoboken, with ringside terrace seats to the fireworks, and a concert by Shirley formerly of the Shirelles. We walked around the fair but didn't eat, as we were ordering pizza. The group (can't call them the Shirelles since another group member owns the name) did all their hits except "Dedicated to the One I Love." They might have done this while we were walking there or back (we could hear everything from the terrace, but there was other noise on the ground). Shirley looked great and sounded good, as long as she didn't go too high. The fireworks were spectacular. The pizza was good, and the garlic knot the best I've ever had. Then we listened to a good cover band, and played Boggle and the piano. Fun.

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