Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Lack of interest?

Everyone's doing that "choose 10 interests" meme. I looked at my profile, and I've only listed 7. Really, I'm interested in LOTS and lots of things, too many. I've just been too busy (cough*lazy*cough) to list them all.

I got a new batch of BookCrossing labels so I'm cataloging a bunch more of my books. I don't really need the official labels (stuck Post-Its in some books), but I prefer using them. My inventory of books seems endless, though I am reading these days and trading books away.

I had some gift certificates to B&N, Office Depot and Amazon, so I have been having fun ordering things online today. I got almost all puzzle books from B&N (rather than wait for freebies from the publishers I work for), as well as "Holy Tango" (FINALLY - sorry LB, just hadn't gotten around to it, though I was also worried it's "too literary" for me). For Amazon, I want to wait until a refund (an Incredible String Band CD I ordered never came from the vendor's supplier) comes through, and then I'll do that order. I'm thinking of NOT getting books (though there are always more books to get), and getting the very expensive Diamancel callus remover (my heels are a disaster) and other household items.

I washed my hair this morning and noticed some peeling-type stuff on the scalp. Ewe. The rash near the eyes seems to be gone, but the one on the forehead persists. There's this dried brownish C-shaped blotch on my forehead, but it's ever-so-slightly fading. I started putting bacitracin on it to hopefully speed things up. Sigh, 2 weeks down, I hope no more than a week to go of this. Thank goodness the pain was never too excruciating, and the eyes themselves are OK.

I'm not noticing the eyeglass lens scratch at all, but I really will get that taken care of once I'm presentable enough to leave the house. (I did leave a few times to run errands but feel grotesque.)

("And what did you do in September?" Stayed shingled in.)

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