Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Wet Hair

I've tried to get tickets to "Hair" in Central Park several times through the virtual line, without success. Today instead of the usual red-lettered rejection, the message was a green congratulations! H and L had also tried today and failed, and I asked L to come along.

The weather was monsoon-like all day (remnants of hurricane Hanna) and did not look promising for the outdoor performance. I called the Public Theater around 4 pm and was told it was still on. L called a little later and was told they don't make the final decision until around 8:15. She also thought she didn't want to go and sit on wet seats, but maybe M might be willing. But he didn't think so, either.

Since I'm not far away, I took my umbrella and towel, and went to the park. At this point, the rain wasn't too bad. I was able to find the theater despite not having been there since the '70s. When I got there, sure enough, the performance was canceled due to the rain. They'd been studying the weather forecasts all day and it did not look good (indeed, it's still pouring now). The manager said they'd only filled about 100 seats this morning, so jacked up the virtual line acceptances. Today's ticketholders do not get a break for the future.

I retraced the path out of the park. The heavens opened up again, and I took the subway home.

Oh well, I never did like hippies anyway.

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