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Tonight was the "IOUSA" event, with Patrick Creadon's new documentary on the national debt followed by a discussion piped in from Omaha (home of Warren Buffett). It was playing in 3 theaters in Manhattan, including the Chelsea near BBQ and jeffurrynpl, so I arranged to meet him for dinner before the movie. Didn't have the energy to plan a big gathering.

I considered getting the tickets before dinner but thought, nah, who wants to see a movie on the national debt? Turns out it wouldn't have made any difference - because the Chelsea location sold out 2 days ago! Rather than navigate a small phone screen to check alternatives, we went to Chez Jeffurry and his computer. There would still be time to get to Union Square, but a phone call found they were also totally sold out! By then, it was too late to get to the Upper East Side (or any other) location. (Update: Bloggers report that all the Manhattan locations were sold out.)

Back home, I learned that qaqaq also got closed out in Boca Raton.

The movie opens at the 42nd St. Regal tomorrow, so I will catch it this week.

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