Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It's only a hobby

Grrrr, crossword lovers get no respect. See Ron Rosenbaum: http://www.slate.com/id/2198171/pagenum/all/ (Jon D. and Paula G. have commented).

Tyler Hinman has an apt anagram: RE: SNUB A MORON.

I can't let it go. Where to begin?

His example of why one of Will's "Funniest Puzzles" wasn't funny by listing the first few Down clues instead of, you know, the THEME entries? Ron still may not chuckle, but it's pretty much guaranteed random non-theme clues won't be funny. At least he didn't cite 2-Across.

The assumption that people can't both do puzzles AND read? I may not read the most intellectual material, but I read constantly. Most solvers do.

The theory that puzzlers' brains would better be used to benefit science and mankind? Sorry, I'm not good at science. Most puzzlers do use their brains in other areas.

Will, Nucky, Trip, Merl et al. - put down that grid and get to the lab NOW!

I'm not fond of sudoku either. I don't slam people who like it. Or criticize people who play sports, go camping, play video games, crochet napkin rings, or do any number of things I don't do (except drink - Ick!).

Maybe the article is supposed to be a joke. I've seen crosswords that were funnier.

I wonder if Ron is the best in the country at anything.

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