Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Denver NPL convention - Sunday, 7/13

There's nothing to say about the convention itself Sunday, since I had a 12:48 flight and was leaving on a 10 a.m. airport shuttle, right after breakfast.

I had a muffin and fruit for breakfast, and figured I'd be home around dinnertime to eat a bigger meal. I hadn't prearranged to fly back with anyone, and didn't know if others were on my flight.

Sharing the van with Foggy and Slik, we talked about Hunt-type puzzles. After I got home I bought all the back issues of Panda I'd missed. Not sure when I'll have time to solve them.

There were a lot of adult Boy Scouts in the airport (convention?). I got to the gate to find that the flight was delayed due to nationwide traffic. Passing through the food area, I ran into a few puzzlers, but no one was on my flight. I was full enough from breakfast that I didn't eat, even though my flight was now going to be at least 2 hours late.

Hunkering down at the gate with my many amusements, I eventually got on the plane. The flight was uneventful until we seemed to be going in a large circle along the east coast. The captain announced that due to traffic tie-ups, planes were being diverted to cities like Baltimore and DC, but we were running out of fuel and were going to Rochester. As we approached this unexpected destination, they announced that in the event of an emergency landing, do not take your carry-on bags while leaving the plane. WHAT? I had never heard this before and immediately was scared we were about to crash. Thankfully, we didn't.

While we refueled, the guy next to me called his father, who happened to live in Rochester. They were discussing whether he should come stay the night, but he was unsure if he'd be able to get his luggage, or if they'd allow him to switch to another flight in the morning (if indeed we weren't spending the night in Rochester anyway). They let everyone deplane and a line formed at the one food place still open. I went to the ladies' room (never pass up an opportunity!) and was thinking of getting food when our flight was announced. There was a brief window when we could land again at LGA and they wanted to make it. All the passengers (including my seatmate) were quickly rounded up from the terminal, and off we went. The guy in back of me was telling his seatmate about his extensive travel in Africa for the Hunger Project, and I was getting pretty hungry myself.

Approaching LGA, they made that same, scary announcement so maybe this is now routine. I don't remember hearing it on the way to Denver. Finally, we were on New York soil around 10pm, about 4 hours late. I had traveled light and took the M60 bus back. I thought of getting off on Amsterdam in the 120s and taking another bus home, but it seemed creepy and deserted so I went to the end of the line at 106th and Broadway. Since I wasn't traveling THAT light, and it was after 11pm, I took a cab. The driver seemed annoyed to go such a short distance, and I was annoyed at his being annoyed ("I'm sorry, but I have bags and it's late at night! Aren't I allowed to take a cab?"). I tipped him anyway.

Jiggety jig! I finally ate.

And that concludes this con report, only 5 weeks late.
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