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Denver NPL convention - Saturday, 7/12

I almost never make it to con Saturday breakfasts or the business meeting. This year the meeting was a little later, and I could have made it but was slow and lazy about getting the day started.

Not going to the meeting meant getting first crack at the hospitality room lunch. T's family set out a nice variety of food (I hadn't been at the picnic so even the leftovers were new to me), and I got to eat without waiting on a line. Missing the meeting also meant I was too late to submit our diorama flat for possible inclusion in competition, but it probably would not have been chosen anyway.

People came out of the meeting, and I heard about the engagements and ill-fated Gatlinburg bid. Eddy said his family accidentally drove through there en route to Florida years ago, and it was very tacky. Talking to my last-year Canadian extravaganza team of Witz and Eddy, we remarked to Manx passing by that it would be great if we were teamed up again.

I never co-solve for Saturday afternoon pencil-and-paper games, but I'm not that good. This was shown once again as I struggled on Will's pyramids (got 4 or 5 after correcting one with the non-word BROG, and then suddenly solved another with a minute to go). I had subscribed to the old 4-* Puzzler, but still struggled with the Sphinx Page puzzles. In the end, I only missed a few (don't remember exact number), but I didn't win anything (according to reports - I left before prizes on Sunday). So either Will took to heart my note on top that I had been a subscriber and disqualified me, or my total still wasn't good enough.

Then it was time to solve diorama flats in pairs. Having to choose partners is a social situation puts me into panic, and all around me people were teaming up, including Witz and Eddy who I just had been talking to. So I did it alone and felt unpopular, even though I actually prefer to solve on my own. In this case, there was no impetus to ponder and try if I didn't see something immediately, so after one circuit around the room and just a handful of solutions, I left and went to check e-mail and prepare for the picture.

Strangely, I did not see the diorama in my room, even though I'm positive I brought it back with me Friday. Either the housekeeper threw it out, I threw it out and forgot I did, I brought it downstairs and forgot I did, or it was in an obscure corner of the room. I never did see it again.

I reported to the bottom of the stairs for the picture, and talked to people while waiting, including Hyperion who I kept thinking was Murdoch all weekend. I ended up in the middle of the steps and could be seen in the final photo, but some people in the back became invisible.

Back in the lobby, I was talking to Canon and his wife Joan. Canon had to go find his guest, a former MW employee, so Joan and I went in to dinner. The selection wasn't nearly as good as Friday (pretty hard to beat Friday), but I had salad, minestrone, tomato-parmesan casserole, and chicken. Averaging all the meals together for the weekend, it was still very good food.

I have a friend S from MetLife days, who recently moved to Denver. Actually, it was 11 years ago - hard to believe. She was going to come by Saturday night and watch the 'ganza (she's not a puzzle person). I offered her help to Jo The and Manx (who had met her years ago). Since I expected her at 7, I left dinner just before Canon's talk to go wait. After no sign by 7:30, I asked the desk if I could use their phone to make a local call, and got her in the car, still about 20 minutes away. So it's a good thing Irbs ended up helping with the game.

S eventually arrived, looking much the same, and after a short wait, we burst into the room to find our teams. I was happy to see Story, T McAy, and Eddy (so either Manx remembered the earlier request or it just came out that way) at my table. Since another team shared the table, there was no room for S to sit and lurk, so she took a chair at the back and luckily had a book to keep her occupied. The team worked together well, and we enjoyed the brilliantly put together (was there any doubt?) art-themed puzzles. I think we came in 13th; while we were "runners" and seriously wanted to solve, we didn't go crazy with competitiveness.

S discussed MetLife stuff with Jo The, Pen Gwyn and Stewball, and then we watched Denver Jeopardy and Tablesaw's funny Remote Control. I'm glad I didn't play, since the questions didn't hit my strengths. Then we sat in the lobby and just talked until she left and I called it a night. I later heard about jacuzzi Mafia, but I'd be unlikely to be in a jacuzzi OR play Mafia.
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