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My second day of orientation

Friday, September 19, 1969

G's knock at 7:30 am woke me. I got dressed and we went to breakfast, where I had cantaloupe, a slice of toast and juice. We gathered in L's room but Je had to take the French placement test and left early. I decided not to take the Russian placement test [never did continue with Russian. I learned very little in 2 years in high school]. L led us around. We saw Plimpton, which has a beautiful lobby, and saw the room of L's friend. It was nice, but I wouldn't want to walk there, or anywhere in this area, for that matter, at night [lived there 1971-2 anyway; nice single].

Columbia students are registering now and I saw D from my high school [of the 6 boys at CC from my high school that year, 4 were D's] hurrying across Low Plaza. I couldn't find the legendary owl in Alma Mater's skirt folds, but Je and Lu did. If you find it, you're supposed to get straight A's or be married or engaged before the year's end. I think I'd rather take the former - I'd like to marry eventually, but not so soon.

Next was the Undergrad luncheon in Barnard Hall. G and I sat in the back of the gym with L, near girls from CT, FL and CA. We couldn't hear the speeches, but I don't think we missed much. All these people I'd heard of from the handbook rose but I couldn't see them. An Undergrad officer made, from what I could hear of it, a very dull speech. Student government isn't much different than in high school. I had a tuna salad sandwich and apple. Dieting is really not that difficult here. You can choose fairly non-fattening food.

I wanted to go to Butler Library for an after-lunch tour, but L didn't seem too anxious. She was relieved when everyone wanted to get Phys. Ed. registration over with that afternoon. We went to Lu's room and sat around, before going to Barnard Hall. The line wasn't that long, and I was able to get beginning badminton. It was a pain having to find a section that also fit your schedule, but that's how it will be forever more.
* * * * *

Sorry, it's now Friday, October 24, 1969 at about 2:30 a.m. I have notes for the first few days of school but neither time nor impetus to write them up.

[ARGGGH. But wait! I found those notes, so I will continue with September 19, and make the notes into sentences. We're at a function in St. Paul's Chapel at Columbia where we have met some (gasp) BOYS!]

We sat with E (sleazy-looking), F (growing mustache), who said Dean Hovde DIDN'T get an ovation and the Spectator article was written before orientation, and B (cute-ish, blue sweater, soccer player, never took drugs). B switched his seat to be next to S. Outside, there was a pot smell near the SDS booth.

I washed up and changed. L and the rest went downtown to the San Gennaro festival. I ate dinner (roast beef) with 2 Tilden High alums from Brooklyn. We discussed symbolism (Inferno, Kafka) and horoscope. After, I sort of slept. I could hear voices from next door, and saw boys in the hall.

G knocked 8:30 - just got back. We went down to Mac open house for a bit. S was with a boy, not wearing her glasses. They had finger painting. We safety-pinned our keys to clothes and left purses in our rooms. Then we went over to the mixer in Ferris Booth. CROWDS. Horrible. I wanted to leave. Lu was popular. I attached myself to a group that was leaving, and walked with them back to Barnard.

I felt depressed and started a letter to J. A sophomore S who I met last year was in the hall, and remembered me.

G knocked again. She left a Japanese grad student downstairs with a crazy excuse about having to sign in with the floor counselor. Down the hall, there was an open door in a 3-room connecting suite. We went in and started talking about the mixer. They were all religious Jews who'd eaten at Earl Hall. Some guys arrived including B from this afternoon, and people from Bronx Science. We sat in the dark and tried to levitate N. It didn't work. We jumped on the beds.

Went to Lu and S's room. They had lots of possibilities from the mixers. A girl down the hall kidded that we were hiding boys in the closet. D met a boy, too; they went out for a drink at the West End.

Long day. Shower in Reid.
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