Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

A dry eye in the house

Getting old sucks.

Turns out that the discomfort I've been feeling from new contact lenses may be due not to the lenses (we replaced one, with little effect), but to the eyes getting dryer with age. So we'll try various eye drops and may switch to a new lens with a different material if it doesn't improve. This is after wearing Torisoft for many years with no problem.

Dryness could also be exacerbated by allergy meds I'm taking. The allergies themselves - which were fine for several months, but recently returned - may also be age-related (hormonal changes, whee).

I go back next week for tests on how long tears take to dry. SUNY Optometry College, I'm your guinea pig (I don't mind - the interns aren't practicing brain surgery on me).

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