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Something in the water?: I've only been on Facebook a month, and since then 2 FB friends have gotten married (not to each other), and 2 more have new babies. Congrats to the newest Daddy, former co-worker Andrew Tavani.

I finally received a health insurance bill, and paid the last 2 months of premiums (ouch!). I wrote down the P.O. box address and phone to avoid problems in the future.

After 7 days in a row of getting dressed and going out (no movie Friday, but I had lunch with some puzzlers), I relaxed the last 2 days. I've been out on the terrace a bit, but there's a nagging smell of dirt. Using the leaf blower didn't help, and I realized it must come from the 4 buildings going up nearby. One building (home of the future Whole Foods) is really taking shape, but the other 3 are still holes in the ground. The new building cuts off my view of planes going by, but that's nothing compared to the people directly behind who instead of seeing Central Park now see another building.

Today I was going to listen to Lynn Samuels on Sirius Left from 1-3 and then get dressed for the Fresh Direct delivery 4-6. However, they showed up at 2:25 so I had to throw on a robe. They came early last time, too. It's better than late, and at least I was home. The guy said he was next door and figured he'd see if I was there. One whole box just had a bag with 2 zucchini; I don't know why it wasn't put with the rest of the produce.

When Dean hosted the Martha Stewart morning show on Sirius, one of his guests was Pete Jordan, who talked about his 12-year quest to wash dishes in every state. The resulting book, "Dishwasher," is a lively account of that project. Although these jobs weren't meant to be long-term, Jordan seemed somewhat irresponsible, often quitting without notice after a short time, and drinking on the job.

My sandals are falling apart, so I snapped up an offer from Editor's Closet. I wasn't among the first 200, but they extended it for $18, no shipping fee. When the shoes arrived, I realized I'm not used to flip-flops (the closest I ever had were Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals), and the strap leaves slight blisters between my toes. Oh well, I'm not going to hike in them and they should be OK for terrace sitting or quick errands.

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