Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


Before we go back to college in 1969, a few things about puzzles.

Will J. took care of test-solving and creating Across Lite files for the NYT online puzzles for me last week (on almost no notice - could we nominate him for sainthood?), so I got to solve on the applet. I had done it once before (when WIJ filled in when I was in FL for my father's funeral in 12/03), but this time somehow seemed scarier and more competitive. I'm not used to the applet mechanics, and since I read all the definitions I go a little slower than some.

On the whole, I felt pleased with the results. I'm slowing a bit with age, but I still do well as the puzzles get harder later in the week (though how Tyler managed 2-something on Friday I'll never know). I won't win a strictly speed race. My time Sunday was MUCH faster than usual (7-something), though it's hard to judge since my normal time (10-15) includes proofreading.

Even if I'm slow as molasses, no one can take my past achievements away from me.

This weekend, I also test-solved a trivia quiz coming soon to a men's magazine near you. I'm not sure if I can talk about it, but MAN it was hard. I didn't finish in the 10 hours I was given, but I think that was the point. Anyway, you'll enjoy it. I'll keep you posted.

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