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Defrosting is done. According to ljseek, I last did this in February, 2007. There was so much ice around the freezer I was scared the door would fall off. It has a few cracks as it is. Ice cream gets soft (so I buy pints and eat them immediately), but ice freezes so it sort of works. This refrigerator was there when I moved in in 1975, so maybe they'll replace it someday (most likely with another old one, so why bother?).

I saw yet another movie today: "21". It was part of a Sony free movie series. I reserved on Monday, but they also take stand-bys. They said to get there before 1:30 for a 2 pm showing, but didn't start letting people in until after 2. The tickets had our names printed on them, and the theater was nice, with stadium seating. The sound was not too loud - actually, a little low, but if you're reading this, Sony, it's just fine! I hate loud.

The movie was about MIT students who cleaned up in Vegas blackjack by counting cards. It came out this spring and was not on my radar, maybe because I'm reading EW's from December 2007. The reviews weren't great, but I loved it. Now I want to read the books (I have "Busting Vegas"). One distinctive thing about the movie: the lead guy looked a lot like Spelvin! And he was supposed to go to MIT, too.

After the movie, I went to the Times where another week of puzzles was waiting. They updated Word to the 2008 version, and I had to set the default back to straight quotes instead of curly. A curly apostrophe kept one PUZ file with a Notepad entry from being read (Nucky finally figured this out). I had been hoping to make a 7pm movie at MoMA but that was delusional, as I didn't leave until after 9:30. The subways were particularly slow, and it took almost an hour to get home.

Because I used up all my food in anticipation of the defrosting, I ordered in Chinese. The refrigerator was back on in time to store the leftovers. Now I can do more Fresh Direct. They're giving a free week on the delivery pass for each delivery in August.

I realized last week I hadn't paid a health insurance premium since June (I never got an invoice last month), and I'm hoping to get that cleared up before things lapse. Since I send the whole invoice page back, I have no record of the P.O. box where I send the premium. Billing is handled by (3 initials) Partners, not the broker. I spoke to the broker today (thinking I was leaving a message, but the call forwarded to his home), and he'll get the address to me. He said the rates are going up and I might be able to get a better deal with Oxford. However, the wonderful GYN who doesn't take my current insurance doesn't take Oxford either, and I'm not sure I want to go to the trouble of switching unless I can get that doctor back.

I forgot to mention that when I switched back to my smaller pocketbook from the large tote after Denver, I finally found the MetroCard I'd lost. That was a relief, as it had about $40 on it. So now I have 2 cards to work on.

I read:

"Mr. Famous" by Carol Wolper - Evil Hollywood, from the viewpoint of the personal chef for the title (fading) star. They plot wasn't all that interesting.

"The Widows of Eden" by George Shaffner - I couldn't cotton to this down-home tale of a midwestern farming town worried about the drought and the illness of a leading citizen. Vernon Moore and his widow friends to the rescue! Who? Turns out this was the third book in a series, and I felt a bit lost (but had no desire to read the other books). One plot line about Vernon's daughter's inherited magical powers was not fully explored.

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