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Busy week for movies

A Facebook group gave a screening pass code for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Wednesday. I haven't read the books, but saw and liked the first movie, so printed out the pass. The line at the 34th St. AMC was long (many people had passes from the Daily News) and it didn't seem like everyone would fit, but they did with a little room to spare. The movie was fast-moving, shifting plot lines for each girl. Other than people constantly jetting across the world without a care (this was explained with frequent flyer miles), the stories made sense and hung together. Since the first movie, all 4 lead actresses have become famous on TV. Just one problem...
* * * *
Dear Parent of Toddler,

Maybe you couldn't get a babysitter. Maybe you really needed a night out. But why did the other moviegoers have to be subjected to your noisy kid? This went on almost nonstop, despite ssshing and even a "Shut up!" from audience members. It's not really the kid's fault - he (going with masculine pronouns) sounded quite young, and that's what kids do. It's your fault for taking him there, and then keeping him there when it just wasn't working.
* * * *
I don't mind a little vocal audience reaction, and laughed sympathetically when someone yelled out, "Go away!" when a character's appearance complicated things.

After the movie (around 9:30), I went next door to mail book packages. It's supposed to be a 24-hour P.O. but a sign said the line would be closed from 11:30pm-5am so I'll keep that in mind next time I want to stop in around midnight. I usually send Media Mail, which the machines don't do automatically. I think you could weigh the package on the scale, and print that amount of postage at the machine.

Today was a movie tripleheader:

Kitty Foyle (MoMA) - Another black-and-white classic I hadn't previously seen. Kitty (Oscar-winning Ginger Rogers) must decide between two men described in flashbacks, and I think she made the right choice.

Hamlet 2 (screening) - I liked the trailer. The movie... I dunno. There were lots of really funny elements, but the tone could have been more over-the-top. Also - and this hasn't happened in quite a while - the sound was a bit too loud.

Steve Coogan is a failed actor, and about-to-be failed Tucson high school drama teacher when budget cuts threaten his department. The class moves from the cafeteria to the gym (watch out for wayward volleyballs!) to an off-site warehouse, where they stage "Hamlet 2," a play reminiscent in its awfulness of "Satan's Alley" in Staying Alive. Musical numbers include "Raped in the Face," "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" (both as offensive but not as funny as "Springtime for Hitler") and "Gay as the Day is Long" (rhymed with shlong, playing over the closing credits). This might improve on repeated viewing, and I'm open to seeing it again (unlike The Dark Knight which it pains me to even think about).

Bee Movie - an outdoor showing in my complex from 7-10pm, advertised to include free hot dogs and popcorn. Passing by after 6 there was no sign of life in the area, and not much more when I returned with a towel to sit on at 7. I found a seat on a side bench and hoped to hold it, as it beat the gravel playground floor.

Neighbors trickled in, but it was less crowded than I'd imagine for a complex of this size. Still, far from empty. The sponsor, RCN (who, surprisingly did not do a hard-sell sales pitch) eventually set up a food stand and screen (a blow-up contraption powered by a noisy machine), and there was Famiglia pizza instead of hot dogs (so even better). I took a bottle of water and plain slice, and considered trying for another slice, but that wouldn't be fair. There was water afterwards "for the road" but I didn't see extra pizza. The people near me watched my spot while I got food, and it turned out one woman went to the same SAG showing of Batman Monday and didn't like it either.

Finally it got dark and the movie started. The sound from the movie itself masked the sound of the screen machine, and it was not uncomfortably loud where I was up front. Jerry Seinfeld's animated bee had funny moments, and the many adult jokes included references to The Graduate, rocker Sting, and Larry King. Very cute.

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