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Denver NPL convention - Friday, 7/11

(I'm not going to link LJ names if they've been linked before. Also, I may have some of the chronology wrong.)

If Thursday was a long day, Friday was even longer.

I got up noonish, and showered using the possibly allergy-inducing soap. I had heard of someone getting the hotel van to the mall and having the van wait while they ran in and got take-out food, so was hoping I could do this to get lunch and soap. I didn't want to walk in the heat, and have to cross a busy highway. Unfortunately, I was told there would be at least a 20-minute wait for the van, then another wait before they could pick me back up (and there was some question of how they would know to come, since I don't have a cell phone), and this would take longer than the time available before the trivia panel. So I was stuck eating fruit from the hospitality room and sticking with the existing soap. This was the biggest lapse I encountered in hotel service. Darn car-oriented America! This is one reason I need to live in New York.

Wandering around after my snack, I was able to get into Noam's Jeopardy game in the break-out room. He and Famulus were both on the trivia panel, so we all had the same time constraints. The game was good, except for people's jumping around the board. I prefer to go in order.

Then the panel. I had been asked to be on it, but declined, partly due to the confidentiality agreements signed when working on game shows, but more because I don't like public speaking. G Natural did the game show portion, and did a wonderful job. The rest of the panelists were interesting, too. I made a few comments from the audience.

Friday dinner was in a nice terrace area. The buffet was fantastic - salads, spinach ravioli (yum!!), chicken, salmon, and beef. Also potatoes and vegetables (?). No fresh fruit desserts, but I was full, and there was fruit in the hospitality room if I really wanted it. So A+ for that meal. I was sitting with G Natural and his sister, and Southwest who turned out to be fast NYT applet solver smwcross (and some other people - sorry, it's all a blur). We still wonder who is zachugly. I was surprised to see Murdoch (a.k.a. Kid Beyond), since Maizie's Facebook status said he performed in Ottawa Thursday. Well, he did, and flew to Denver from there.

After dinner, I joined a game of Ember's not-really-sports trivia in the break-out room. We didn't finish and moved en masse to a table in the ballroom where we hoped to resume later, but never did.

Time for part 2 of the World Series of Wordplay. As mentioned, Sax was the only woman in a formidable line-up. Many of the questions were hard. Even I couldn't get all the really really picky "Wordplay" questions (though I did know a few), and found out later that multiple-viewers Willz and Ucaoimhu were similarly stumped. Qaqaq had great answers to the typical spelling bee questions, which I don't quite remember and thought someone blogged about, but can't find (feel free to quote these in the comments). (Edited to add: Oh right, there's video of this. Thanks, guys.)

In between, we made diorama flats. My partner Jangler was preoccupied with the upcoming final Wordplay round (though no one doubted he'd do well), and I'm not creative so we did a quick and dirty letter bank of piles/ellipses and stacked 3 piles of ellipsis shapes. Indeed, Jangler dazzled in the final round, pulling oscillates/Cass Elliot out of that computer chip stored in his brain.

The after-hours slate was full. First, a Puzzlemaster presents onstage (there was another one earlier, where Gotcha did a pitch-perfect Liane Hansen). Then sproutcm's pub quiz, where I have no memory of who my team was. Then ZD did music ID's and I found I'm definitely a child of the 60s and 70s and know almost nothing after that. I had tentative reservations for tablesaw's 1 a.m. Remote Control, but wasn't sure I really knew that era and he found other people. So I stayed with a few people for Music Man playing live music IDs on a keyboard, and was transported back to Laconic where every song in a similar game sounded like a carnival boop-boop organ grinder.

Then it was time for my 2:30 a.m. slot in tmcay's game, Touch and Go. T always comes up with innovative games, and this was no exception. We had to touch objects blindfolded and then answer questions that involved them in some way. Part of this was preserved on video (thanks to Sax). In this round, we were asked which of the objects, after anagramming the letters, were associated with the:

feet: TROLLS (stroll)
ears: TINSEL (listen)
mouth: RING (grin)
fingers: PANS (snap)
eyes: LEGO (ogle)

I didn't realize that no one else was throwing their hands all the way up (pic by tinhorn2).

Like I said, long day.
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