Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It's really hot out.

I sent out some work this morning. I also finished 3 books recently:

"Catching Alice" by Clare Naylor - although most of the story takes place in LA after a brief beginning in London, the tone and language are decidedly British. I'm writing this a few weeks after finishing and can't remember much of the plot. Something about a benign stalker. Eh.

"Things I Want My Daughters to Know" by Elizabeth Noble - this was definitely British, about 4 sisters coping with the loss of their mother over a year. It was slow going, and I kept confusing the sisters. One potentially interesting plot point regarding the paternity of one sister was not fully explored.

"Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity" by Kerry Cohen - the anti-En. There was a constant parade of guys with a few longer-term relationships interspersed. The author meets her husband at the end, but it didn't feel very different from the rest. I was going to pass my copy on to

jedusor since Cohen went to Clark, but someone on a book trading site claimed it instead. Clark is peripheral to the goings-on, so you're not missing much.



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