Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Mamma Mia

After some uncertainty whether I could book a "Mamma Mia" screening without a guest (the passes were supposed to be for 2 only, and I was not having any luck finding a second), everything worked out.

I worked on some work nearby, left for the theater just before 6 (an hour ahead of time), and got on the long line. My group's organizer soon came around, plucked us from the line, and led us into the air-conditioned lobby. We were checked in, given a free popcorn coupon (which I didn't use) and tickets, and sent up to the theater where we were the first to go inside. Although we could not sit in sections reserved for Universal or SOCAPA (School of Cinema & Performing Arts), there was a great choice of seats in the stadium-style theater and I parked myself midway up and center.

My group's membership director happened to be next to me, and she was told to save 6 seats, so I contributed items from my purse (book, magazine, "Wordplay" cards) to put on the seats. The only problem was, she did not know what the people coming looked like. There were some cell phone conversations back and forth as people arrived, and eventually I got my stuff back.

I haven't seen reviews of the movie, so don't know the general buzz but in this theater, the vibe was enthusiastic and positive. The kids from SOCAPA were too young to remember ABBA, but they really got into it, singing along, rhythmically clapping, and cheering. It could have been disastrous to have the actors themselves sing the musical numbers, but somehow it worked. "Dancing Queen," "Mamma Mia" and the music behind the credits were stand-outs.

The Greek island scenery was breath-taking. The plot was paper-thin and not terribly plausible, and the acting was campy and broad, but it all fit and I found it entertaining. Usually Hollywood puts 50+ actresses out to pasture, but here they were allowed to vamp and flirt. I can see this becoming a cult movie a la "Dirty Dancing." I heard a few grumbles as we exited, but most of the audience left humming and happy.

When I got outside at 9, a line was forming on the sidewalk. I went back to finish working and when I left at 10:30, this line was around the block: for "Batman." I haven't seen any of the series, and it's not at the top of my list or even on my list.

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