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In the last few days, I've spent untold hours exploring Facebook. Eventually, I'll find everyone I've ever met (if they don't have too common a name), and anyone that's going to friend me will friend me. I find kids of people I know more than my contemporaries, but a fair number of us old people are there. There will be new blood, but it should settle down. Actually, it already has. I'll keep rerunning the e-mail and other finders to pick up additional people.

Then what? I haven't begun to explore the games. Since I don't play Scrabble, I'm in no hurry to try Scrabulous. People are recommending Scramble. No time now.

I have a lovely list of 151 friends, each one a separate gem with a back story. I know most of them in person, with a few exceptions like blogging pals Ryan and Brian and LJ friend sdn . It's nice to see people displayed from various parts of my life: family (I made my nephew add a certain movie to his favorites), high school, college, puzzles, TV work, the movie (editor Doug, our high-powered sales agent with extremely famous Facebook friends, a London journalist who happened into an IFC showing and talked to us afterward). No one from grad school (which I never discuss - ick!) or actuarial work so far.

I enjoy seeing the status reports (no need to join Twitter), new pictures, writing on the Walls, new friends of friends who I might know, interconnections (one constructor became friends with the game-show database guy based on a comment on my Wall). And continuing updates thereof.

Puzzles is the largest segment by far. qaqaq and I currently have the most mutual friends at 53, with nplchainsaw close behind at 52. Chainsaw has an edge in that we also have ex-coworkers on our lists.

I've joined some groups, but am not sure of their purpose. I can check for new members I might know (I'm hoping the newbies are put on top, otherwise, how do you find them?) and read internal group postings. Not too exciting. My high school's classes on either side of me have their own groups ('68 has a big reunion next month), but not mine. Younger people have their whole class on there, but my generation is just getting into it.

This once again proves I have an addictive personality. Excuse me while I refresh my home page.

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