Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

On the brink in 1969

Wednesday, September 17, 1969

My last day as a pre-college student. This limbo time ends today. Everyone left so early I almost believed I'd never go, but here it is. I'm SCARED. It will be so strange being completely on my own. I guess others feel the same way (I certainly hope so, anyway). To complicate matters, rain is predicted for tomorrow.

Got a leaflet from Barnard SDS. They're wasting their postage. The envelope was addressed by hand. It's not the ideas that are so horrible, but the arrogance of it all. I didn't tell Mommy about that piece of mail.

Linda came home and told me about the great time she had at the all-day seminar at school. Her friend M thought it "lovely" that I'd be rooming with J. Her other friend P told Linda about a nutty kid A she knows who will be at Barnard (TOMORROW! It just hit me again). [A is great; she's now a doctor]

I went shopping again with Mommy. We found brown loafers in Jildor, and a bathrobe and pocketbook in A&S. The store was closing so we dashed to Gertz where I got a pretty blanket and towels, and what should be a very useful long blue pad of stationery. D from Dr. Ed. was working at the slippers counter and she asked if I passed. I told her what happened. She took her road test today and doesn't think all the inspectors are mean. Hers didn't say hello or anything, she said, but he wasn't bad.

Finally we were home, and began packing. It didn't take too long. Linda must feel funny. I can't believe I'm really LEAVING!

My hair was really disgusting all day and Mommy tried the hot curlers on it again. It's in a stiff pageboy now but will be a frizz by tomorrow, I bet.

I called J - no, she called me - this morning and we were both involved in last minute rushing around. We leave at 1:00 tomorrow! God! A new life, I hope.
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