Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Merv Griffin's Crosswords

"Merv Griffin's Crosswords" is reportedly going on indefinite hiatus. That doesn't sound promising, but in the backlogged En household Merv is still going strong. On three occasions in the last few months, when TiVo threatened to run out of room, I cleared off MGC episodes (marked "save until I delete"). In the beginning, I actually watched but soon resorted to checking the first 2 contestants, fast-forwarding to see the spoilers enter, and immediately erasing unless there was someone I knew.

Here are my notes on dubious clues or whatever:

3/24 - Finalist was stuck on STO_S/SAIG_ (A) and was just about to get it when time ran out.

3/26 - It's somewhere in "The Greatest Story Told" (EVER)

3/27 - The three in a lounge who don't need drinks to sing (TRIO)

4/1 - Palindromic family nickname (SIS, but could have been DAD, MOM, POP)

There seems to be good camaraderie among the contestants as they switch places, patting each other on the arm or back. One guy said, "I'll be back!" but the spoiler he switched with won.

Oh look, there's:

3/28 - Pat Manzo
3/31 - winner "Janet" seemed familiar (no spoiler intros so not sure if I know her)
4/2 - nplloquacious, who I didn't know was called "Dunn." Good game, much moving around of podiums
4/21 - Elfman
5/6 - Julian Petrillo ("Word Wars" co-director)
6/? - tablesaw's mom, previously preempted in NYC for local news. She looks too young to be Tablesaw's mom.

Still no sign of Al Sanders, though there were preemptions for crane accidents and other news.

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