Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Media round-up

I can always be counted on to read, see movies, and do puzzles. (And eat, but I'm not listing my meals here.)


Sports is a big weak spot for me, so I ordered some sports crossword books recently, finishing "Baseball Crosswords" by David Kahn and "Go Yankees! Crossword Puzzle Book" by Brendan Emmett Quigley. I think I learned something, and there were surprisingly few times I had no idea (so if I didn't know the baseball fact, I at least knew the crossing). The next puzzle book I'm working on has 300 puzzles so it could take a while to finish.


I took "Out of Place" by Edward Said out of the library, and returned it today mostly unread. I just couldn't get into it, and had even less incentive when I realized the book stops after his graduate schooling. I wanted to read about his years teaching at Columbia (which included my years there), as well as his marriage to his first wife who still teaches at Barnard.

"The Daria Diaries" by Anne Bernstein - a thin bit of fluff supplementing the "Daria" TV show.

"Flying South" by Nancy Geyer - angsty 1982 chick lit narrated by a woman who learns her professor husband impregnated his student, and trysts with an old platonic friend in New Orleans to get over it.

"Home Girl: Building a Dream House on a Lawless Block" by Judith Matloff - This was a LibraryThing early readers' program offering. The author was a foreign correspondent and her writing skill is evident in this closer-to-home story of brownstone rehab in West Harlem. I was riveted as she and her husband coped with repairs, neighbors including drug dealers, and childbirth, and eventually found a strong community.

"Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club" by Maggie Marr - another one from LibraryThing (thank you, LibraryThing!). This was a dishy novel about evil Hollywood - sex, drugs, huge egos, and plastic surgery. Some of the secrets were a little out there. Now I want to read the previous book about these characters, since sometimes I got confused who was who.


"On the Waterfront" - continuing to fill in the large gaps in my classic movie viewing, I saw this at MoMA last week. Yup, there's a reason these are classics. Marlon Brando coulda been... you know. Waiting for the movie to start, the older men next to me dropped some famous names, but I didn't have enough info to figure out who my neighbors were.

"Full Grown Men" - IFP arranged this screening to "share the love" so I'll share the love and say it's a quirky, charming, bittersweet, nostalgic story of a 35-year-old Florida family man in sort of a pre-midlife crisis. Interesting cameos from Debbie Harry, Alan Cumming, and Amy Sedaris. Co-star Judah Friedlander spoke afterward and looked hairier than his character.

"Sex and the City: The Movie" - I had 3 books to mail and thought I'd combine a trip to the 24-hour post office with this movie nearby. The PO line was ridiculous, so I tried again after the movie (when it was almost empty), running into my cousin R on the street. I saw just about every episode of the TV show, so this was more of the same. Other than not liking one character's plot, I laughed, I cried. There's just one AMC discount coupon left. I got these with AMEX points, but can buy more through one of my entertainment orgs.

I was going to hear an author tonight at the mid-Manhattan library, and went early to catch their book sale before it closed at 4. I then checked out the Book Off used bookstore nearby, and ended up with a total of 10 books for $12 plus tax. I didn't feel like shlepping these in and out of library security, so brought them home. There was still plenty of time to make it back to the library, but I decided to see the SATC movie instead.

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