Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Reading, movies. Same old stuff.

Reading: "The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger - I was riveted by "Into Thin Air" (and even obtained a hardcover copy afterward) and thought this would be similar, with the sea instead of the mountains. But I just wasn't into it as much. Instead of getting a hardcover copy, I left the paperback on the laundry room bookshelf where a neighbor might appreciate it more.

Back to MoMA on Sunday (Father's Day, which no longer applies, sniffle) for:

"Breathless" - everything sounds romantic in French. Jean-Paul Belmondo's character is less than savory, but you sort of root for him anyway.

"Derek" - a documentary about avant-garde filmmaker Derek Jarman, who died of AIDS in 1994 at age 52, featuring his good friend Tilda Swinton. Based on the clips shown, I didn't really understand or appreciate his work.

Usually when done at MoMA, I head west or immediately to the subway, but on Sunday I went east instead, realizing that Ess A Bagel was not too far away on Third and 51st. I could also pop in to the Citicorp B&N.

Turns out this part of the East Side didn't get the memo that New York is a 24/7 city. Citicorp seemed deserted, and the B&N was about to close at 6. And shockingly, Ess A Bagel was also closed! I pulled on both doors to be sure. What kind of bagel store closes so early? Research later found they close at 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Weird!

So I got on the crosstown bus at 57th and then another bus uptown for home. Got a not great bagel at Gourmet Garage; I should have gone to H&H, even though it would have required another fare (or long walk the rest of the way).

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