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I once told M my favorite group growing up was very uncharacteristic of me, and he guessed, "Black Sabbath?" Great guess, but no, it was Jefferson Airplane. Despite their blatant drugginess, I loved their music. So I was curious to read "Somebody to Love?: A Rock-and-Roll Memoir" by Grace Slick. Yes, the group was zonked much of the time. She had a few wild stories but I sensed there were more.

On page 184, she writes (of the late '60s), "All that screaming created nodes on my throat, and between concerts, rehearsals, touring, and recording, if I had a minute, I would have Dr. Ripstein (perfect name for a surgeon) rip another one out. I had three operations in about three years."

WHAT? Daddy operated on her? How did I not know this? After discussion with my sister, we decided the doctor must have been distant cousin Dr. Joel Ripsteen (Grace spelled it wrong), a Bay Area ENT I've never met.

In fiction of the posh Manhattan variety, I read "Beyond the Blonde" by Kathleen Flynn-Hui, about a hair colorist to the rich. Loved it.

I quickly gave up on "You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You" by Molly Ivins, a collection of her newspaper columns from the '90s. At this point, I'm not riveted by the politics of that time. I didn't give the book much of a chance, but there's sooooo much else to read. Yeah, I know, how could I prefer trashy fiction about Manhattan airheads to incisive commentary on important issues?

I had to go to the Post Office Tuesday to mail some Canadian at-home puzzles, but didn't want that to be the sole reason for getting dressed, so decided I'd use another movie coupon. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was playing around 7:30 everywhere and also 6:30 at Times Square. I erroneously thought the 6:30 was at Lincoln Square and hurried down there after the PO only to find it wasn't. I got a 7:30 ticket and walked to Borders to use that only-in-May $15 credit - on the "Spellbound" DVD and a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" book (the coupon only covered one of these, but I couldn't get just one thing). There was still time, so I also checked the bargain racks at B&N but didn't buy anything.

I thought a month-old movie on a Tuesday night would be empty, but there were about 50 people. Tons of trailers. "Get Smart" and "Hamlet 2" looked good, though once my coupons run out, I doubt I'll see many first runs at full price. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was really cute, enjoyable. It got way higher Rotten Tomatoes scores than "Made of Honor" but wasn't THAT much better.

A post-movie trip across the street to Food Emporium found no MM Light Raspberry Passion - and that was one of the stores Minute Maid specifically recommended. Uh oh, they'd better not be discontinuing it! I took the bus up to the 96th St. Gristedes and they didn't have it either. This is not looking good.

I had done an Amazon order last week specifically to use a $25 reward from my Amazon credit card, but they applied only $3.08 to a $32.64 order (all from Amazon itself, not any outside partners). I called, and the person seemed confused, and then they wrote asking for more info, like the number of the gift certificate. It was from THEIR credit card, shouldn't they know that? Luckily, I hadn't emptied the garbage can where it still was. Besides, the problem isn't that I didn't receive the certificate or that it wasn't credited to my account (I entered it with no problem), it's that they apparently aren't redeeming it correctly.

The Times is getting stricter about wanting the Sunday puzzle earlier (before 3 instead of just close of business), so I set my alarm for around noon on Wednesday. I woke up to Will calling - at 2:20. Eek! Turns out I had set the wake-up time but hadn't pushed the button to actually set the alarm. I got there 3:40 and threw the Sunday puzzle onto the server, hoping there'd be no changes. Luckily, there weren't.

The dailies arrived at 5:20, which meant I would not make a 6 pm movie at MoMA. I finished in time to get to the 8:15 "Bullitt." I vaguely knew it was famous for a car chase. Whee, yeah, in the San Francisco hills. Also some harrowing scenes in an airport. I can see why it won an Oscar for sound. I'm not entirely clear on the plot.

Research shows BULLITT appeared in Puzzle 4 of the 2007 ACPT, clued as "1968 film with a famous car chase."

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