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I'm still having allergy problems. I skipped the 24-hour antihistamine twice, thinking it was getting better, and then it didn't. Last time (2004), the hives finally went away after a few months of prescription Allegra (which Cigna at first denied), but the allergist never ascertained the cause.

Someone suggested sulfates was the culprit, and I noticed Kraft shredded cheese uses calcium sulfate to prevent caking. Kraft told me this wasn't new, though, so who knows. If the nonprescription stuff doesn't work (I'll give it 2 months), I'll consider going back to the doctor, just to get another prescription.

I had some eye puffiness Friday when a few of us met visitor thedan. First, Times Square BBQ. I'd never been to this branch, but have hit most of the others. The 42nd St. location is huge, with the same cheap good food (well, I like roast chicken, cornbread, and veggie tempura) and noisy atmosphere. I may get take-out on NYT nights. We proceeded to a table in a hotel lobby and played Apples to Apples, Taboo, Sheep, and just talked. No one made us leave - we were noisy, but not homeless-looking, plus one drink was bought.

In the subway, they were announcing rerouted trains: "D as in delta, B as in brothel." What? Maybe it was broccoli?

I was going to do three MoMA movies Saturday, but stopped after two (I got the tickets one at a time). The third, "Touch of Evil," was also playing today, but I decided to work instead. I saw:

"Blow-up" - A photographer in swinging '60s London takes pictures of lovers in a park and stumbles on a murder. Or does he? The story was somewhat ambiguous, the pacing slow, and I wasn't wild about the movie.

"Sweet Smell of Success" - Times Square in the '50s, where men were men, dames were broads, and everyone drank and smoked. Actually, they did in "Blow-up" too. The Clifford Odets dialog didn't ring true (would a cigarette girl say "consequently"?) and the plot seemed contrived, but it was an interesting time capsule.

Both movies were crowded. Between showings, I ventured into the actual museum but it closed a few minutes later at 5:30 so I didn't see much. I wasn't asked to check my tote bag, but I was already inside. People were oohing in a windowed alcove which turned out to be a trick with mirrors. On the way out, the people in back of me discussed the advantages of the big screen and the communal experience. True. I will be back. Definitely worth the membership.

When I read fiction, I don't expect the characters to be exactly like me (is anyone?), but it's nice to identify with or at least LIKE them. Caitlin Macy's "The Fundamentals of Play" depicted a group of rich WASPy Ivy grads who I couldn't stand. When they weren't drunk or smoking pot, well, I'm not sure what they were doing. They had jobs but nobody was shown working. The girl everyone was falling all over had no apparent personality. The book has been described as a latter-day Gatsby, but I don't see it.

Also finished: S&S Crossword Treasury #13 (Margaret Farrar) - from the '60s. Not what we're used to, but not bad.

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