Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The Magliozzis of Crosswords

I've never had a driver's license but sometimes I listen to NPR's Car Talk. The Magliozzi brothers are a hoot, even though they're talking about something I have no interest in. The spirit of this show now can be found in the puzzle world.

I often Google for mention of crosswords and shortly before the tournament found the blog Ryan Faces the World. Ryan did not appear to be facing the world very well and, based on the difficulty he was having with the NYT puzzles, did not seem ready for the big time of the ACPT. But the writing was lively and funny and I bookmarked the site.

I did not meet Ryan in Brooklyn, but he was there and, well...at least he didn't finish last. But he kept on blogging, joined by his pal Brian (who was also there and wasn't last) in the crossword-specific blog Ryan and Brian do Crosswords. The guys may not be the best crossword solvers around (sometimes they resort to Google), but they are entertaining. Their slogan is, "Come on brains, be more smarter!" and they frequently mention their new friend and occasional guest blogger always described as "Dan Feyer, winner of the C division" (who is ready for the big time). They've started a podcast, which I have saved for the upcoming terrace-lounging season.

A strange thing is happening. Ryan and Brian are becoming more smarter. Today (a Friday!) Brian clocked in at 12:35 and Ryan also had a no-Google Friday. I predict marked improvement in their standings next year. But even if they never crack 500th place, this is still a fun stop on the crossword blog tour.

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