Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday morning and got done around noon, so went directly to the NYT since I knew I'd have to go eventually. However, the puzzles were not ready so I decided to go to a movie.

"Made of Honor" was starting in 5 minutes around the corner and I had a free coupon (from Amex points) for that chain. I thought they might demand a $1 Manhattan surcharge but they took the coupon as is. The theater was up several long escalator flights and while the trailers had already started, I didn't miss much. There were 3 people for this 12:45 showing.

The movie was cute, sort of predictable, but... cute. Unfortunately, I was preoccupied the whole time thinking Patrick Dempsey was in his early 40s and too old to be 10 years out of college as the plot demanded. (checking IMDB) Yep, he's 42 and love interest Michelle Monaghan is 32 so they could not have been together at school. Not that he's not cute.

The puzzles still were not ready when I returned, but one movie was enough. After they came, there was a technical problem and then another wait before the dailies. I put more money on my card and had dinner upstairs: grilled chicken, polenta, grilled vegs and a roll. They now charge for condiments like butter so I didn't take any.

I stopped at the book giveaway shelf on the way back and it was half its former size. I personally did not take all those books, though I've been a steady customer. I wonder if after a certain point they donate untaken books to charity.

I finished "Killing Mr. Griffin" by Lois Duncan. Apparently this is a YA classic, but it came out after my time, in 1978. It was also made into a movie I haven't seen. The book was very dark and disturbing, not your typical YA plot.

My schedule is clear to do nonstop at-home puzzle grading. First, I'm going to see if the Dunkin Donuts free ice coffee giveaway includes decaf.

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