Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Someone posted on Freecycle that "thousands" of books would be given away free this afternoon at a Brooklyn Heights church, leftovers from a book sale last weekend. I was out and about and could have gone there, but it wasn't a good idea. I had no idea of the quality (though my taste is fairly low-level so unless it was all romance and sci-fi, I'd probably find something), what if bulk dealers swooped in and carted out boxes leaving little for regular people, and most important I'm already surrounded by piles of books. I do not need more books! I exercised restraint and even though I was on the subway heading downtown, did NOT go to Brooklyn.

Where I did go was the Strand, so that's not much better for a non-recovering book-buying addict. I had checked their online catalog against my want list, found 4 books under my price limit of $4, and ordered them for store pick-up which had to be done this week. Once Stranded (groan), I had to check the outside $1 carts. Since I was just there a week and a half ago, I noticed many repeats from last time, but still managed to pick 3 books. I didn't have my want list with me, and found back home that 2 were indeed on the list but I already had the other one, so it's now on the laundry room shelf.

I also made a small Amazon order (mainly to get a charger and as long as I was there...), but did not go crazy as I really have no room. And let's not talk about all the NYT ARC's.

Two books that I finished and am not trading away are:

Michael Crichton, "Disclosure" - I liked this a lot. The press stressed the sexual harassment angle (Demi Moore was the vixen in the movie, which I haven't seen), but it's more a solid corporate thriller.

Alison Rose, "Better Than Sane: Tales from a Dangling Girl" - In 1996, I read the author's New Yorker article about being the receptionist/muse/femme fatale for the mostly male/older/married writers at the magazine. This is that story, expanded in book form. Independently wealthy, the author drifted through life, dabbling in modeling and acting, living with Burt Lancaster's son, undergoing much therapy, and landing the New Yorker job in her 40s through a family connection. There she blossomed, eventually writing Talk of the Town pieces. Rose has had a lot of male attention, and seems very dependent on it. She wrote down literally everything men said about her or to her. Tiny observations are put forth as if they're the word of God. Then there was the French kiss with a cat...

It's all a little disturbing. Others say it better than I. Am I dangling as well?

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