Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Dust in the Air

I woke up with a swollen lip. Oh no! My allergies have been under control for awhile, and I haven't been exposed to anything different lately (the allergist never figured out the culprit). I had a box of Claritin Hives, but it was empty and I didn't see any pills nearby in the cabinet. I had just cleaned out my purse and the tablets weren't there either, so I have no idea where they are. They expire 11/08 and may still be good if I find them.

So I needed to go out to get antihistamines. I also needed greeting cards, and had 4 checks to deposit, so lots of errands. After the bank, I went to a Duane Reade on 94th and Broadway I don't remember seeing before. Gristedes had MM Raspberry Passion (yay) and I got 2, though they were heavy to lug home.

I received the purse I impulsively ordered the other day. It is roomy but shouldn't cause problems at bag checks, and fits over the shoulder. The light tan color may get dirty quickly. I think it'll be OK, though this is the most I've ever spent on a purse. Nowhere near the ones movie stars buy that cost as much as cars.

It was warm, and I decided to inaugurate the terrace season. At 7 pm, I brought out the chair. The temperature was OK but the air seemed very dusty, probably due to all the nearby construction. The construction had already started last summer, but I never felt it then. Maybe the air is responsible for the allergy flare-up, too, though I always blamed detergent or food. It just wasn't pleasant and I was back in before 8. Oh well. Maybe I should get a face mask. I'll try again, but it may not be comfortable until the new buildings are built.

Lately I've noticed a rattling noise at night that seems to be coming from outside or at least the outer wall. I checked the windows while on the terrace and nothing is loose. It seemed to get better when I jiggled the radiator knob, but I could be imagining that. When my computer is on, it's so loud in itself (it groans like an airplane) that I don't notice any other noises.

I never did take the antihistamine, but at least I know I have some.

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