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Club Freetime listed a free concert last Sunday at Town Hall with pianist Richard Goode. The program was good (groan) and the price was certainly right. N has recordings by Goode, and wanted to come, so I went downtown earlier Sunday afternoon and picked up tickets. I might have been able to get them at the door, but wanted to be sure. I thought of hanging out until the concert at the nearby NYT, but there was plenty of time, so I went back home. Then back down for the 5 pm show.

It's best to be on the left so you can see the keyboard, and our seats were on the right. But at that price, we couldn't complain. During intermission, people in back of us speculated on trying to move to left-side seats, but they realized they'd have to wait until everyone was back to see what seats were empty and by then there wouldn't be enough time to get to their original seats if necessary. So everyone stayed put.

Other than the fact that my cough was pretty bad (I tried to let loose only between movements but it was a struggle), it was a nice concert. He did the Moonlight Sonata, which seemed too fast in the first movement and slow in the second, but just right (blazing fast) in the third. I used to be able to play that, but never with confidence and probably not at full speed. The only other piece I knew was a Chopin mazurka. He did a lot of Chopin, and I'll have to see if any of those pieces are in the books I inherited from my great-aunt.

Tomorrow the same free series features Tashi, who I haven't seen since the '70s. They haven't been together lately and this is a reunion. But the program is modern and not appealing to me. Besides, I have work to do.

I gave N a tour of the NYT building, and then we met a visiting puzzler for dinner. After some missteps, we found our intended location, Junior's. I don't eat cheesecake but I had a nice piece of chicken. Afterward, we walked around a little and the Times Square area was bustling. It got quieter further north, and I realized I needed toilet paper and headed for the 57th St. Associated. I like the city that never sleeps, where you can always buy supplies.

The next day I met (different) N for lunch at Turkuaz. I hadn't eaten there in person since it was under different ownership, and it was quiet and nice. The lunch special menu didn't have my favorite yogurt chicken kebab, but the zucchini pancakes and stuffed cabbage were good.

I was feeling fat, but the scale was acting strange and I couldn't weigh myself. I couldn't find the manual, but the indicator LO didn't bode well. I tried removing and reinstalling the battery, but that made it not display at all. The nearby hardware store didn't have the right size, but I picked up a battery at Radio Shack near the movies. At first, nothing displayed even with the new battery (uh-oh!) but I put it in again, waited, and finally the weight registered. It was high. Too much eating out.

The Martha Stewart crosswords segment aired yesterday. I'll talk about it when I get a picture they're supposed to send.

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