Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Out of double-5's and into extreme old age

Back to work! I had the NYT puzzles for a few days but still did them at the last minute on Wednesday. Of course, since I was in a hurry to finish, the printer gave an error 79.00F. It also did this last week, but turning the machine off and back on fixed it. Not this time. So I used the backup, slightly smudgy printer. I notified K, who linked me to another printer on the floor not far from the first one.

That annoying (un)ergonomic keyboard tray is STILL there hitting my knees. If this keeps up, it will celebrate its anniversary. I have another person to contact, but haven't gotten around to it.

I never read the library book I took out the day of the Kahn talk, and it came due. I had it with me, but figured all libraries would be closed when I left at 8. I should have checked the hours, since the Mid-Manhattan was open until 9. I was able to renew online later, but late enough to put a 25 cent fine in the account. I decided today I wasn't going to read it very soon so returned it at the nearby library and paid the fine.

I also had 3 books to mail, and walked to the 24-hour post office after work. Signs were still up about April 15 postmarks; this is the place they always show on the news with people frantically filling out tax forms at the last minute. There was one shortish line and one long line, but I wasn't sure what the first line was for so got on the long line. A customer came over and said we should go to the first line, since both were for all services. There were 2 windows open there, but then one of the workers went away and it barely moved. People were getting restless and impatient; one guy kept switching his radio from hockey to baseball. Finally my turn.

The 2 hardcover books were definitely Media Mail, but I asked if the paperback would be cheaper First Class. She didn't say anything, and they all went Media Mail at $2.13. I just calculated the postage at the USPS site (which buggily told me "mailing time is invalid" even though I used their default - finally I clicked on the calendar for the date and changed the default time and it worked). First class would be $2.15 if considered a package, but $1.82 if considered a large envelope. The size qualifies it for large envelope, but it's a package if it's "rigid." Um, moving on...

Still no word from Fresh Direct about the credits for the (un)frozen food. So far, one e-mail and 2 phone calls. I just sent another e-mail. I'm being nice, but I'm worried I'll have to start a war with them.

The IRS and NYS took its tax payments from my bank account. That was fast. I propose a law that anyone born April 15 should not have to pay taxes.

Tonight I considered going to hear Edward Albee at Lincoln Center Library, a concert of Juilliard students playing piano sonatas, or a movie at MoMA. Instead, I just ran errands. One of the health food stores on Broadway had fresh-seeming diet blondies, and new flavors of diet brownies (walnut and peanut butter fudge) from the same company. Their brownies haven't been great in the past, but once in a while a diet food is actually good. It was so warm I didn't need a coat. After dinner (a spinach and a white slice from Famiglia), I was ready to initiate the terrace season but it seemed a tad too cool. Soon.

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