Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Another April 15

If at all possible, I avoid work on my birthday. Since I saw a movie last night, I had to do a smidgen of work on the job due today. I didn't look up everything (which is OK; more corrections can be made later), but sent in what I had.

Then I spent the day reading, napping, computer doodling, doing crosswords, speaking to relatives - which is what I enjoy. I showered and changed T-shirts but did not go outside. I thought of ordering dinner in, or even going to Angels to get agnolotti (a dish I LOVED when I worked within their delivery area), but made a carrot/green pepper/noodles/cheese casserole. Yum.

Now it's after midnight and no longer my birthday, so I'll be getting back to work.

Even though taxes are done, recordkeeping goes on forever. I decided to make PayPal a Quicken account, since I don't get an exact accounting when it goes through checking. I restrained myself and started as of 1/1/08 instead of going back to when I joined PayPal in 2000. And I entered more quarterly investment statements into Quicken. We'll see how long THIS keeps up.

CBS stock prices have not been downloading into Quicken. The symbol of cbs was correct. The download finally worked when I changed it to all-caps CBS. The other lower-case symbols work just fine, but oh well.

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