Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Getting older and kvetchier by the minute

When I handed in LA Times work yesterday, I should have immediately gone to the next job, but we all know that wasn't going to happen.

Instead, I went to the Tribeca Film Festival web site to figure out what I wanted to see. Ticket packages went on sale to Amex card holders over the weekend. There was a practical reason for doing this now: the movie I'd reserved for tonight is at Tribeca Cinemas, next to the TFF office and I could pick up tickets there instead of going way down there another time or waiting on line at the theaters.

The web site has a calendar function, so I threw in every possible showing of anything I might want to see, to be sorted out later. This was fine, except the site was extremely slow and buggy. Once I started paring down the list and eliminating conflicts, it took 2-4 times of hitting "delete" to remove each showing. So getting down to 10 movies for the daytime package took, literally, hours. At one point, I signed out and came back in to find all 137 original items on my calendar (NOOOOOOOO!!!), but then paged away from the screen and came back and 11 were there. Whew. Another view sorted by movie still lists items as "saved to my calendar" even though I deleted them. Not the best scheduling interface.

I'd love to tell a program: here's what I might want to see in some kind of priority, here's when and where they're showing, YOU make up a schedule. There must be such software out there. The process was so frustrating I almost thought, forget it, these movies aren't THAT great. I went from wanting to see everything to deciding no late nights (which would require cabfare), nothing TOO weird-sounding (if it sounds that weird, it probably is), and finally just to getting the daytime package instead of evenings and weekends.

One movie I wanted was already rush tickets only, and it didn't go through but the system was willing to let me purchase just 9 movies instead of 10 and adjusted the price accordingly. I figured, why not get all 10, but to do that required a lot of signing out and back in since it insisted on storing my original choice. Not an easy online experience.

I really miss the daytimer pass. Last year this included weekend daytime showings as well and did not lock you in to specific movies. The new daytime package is only Monday-Friday (it also includes late-night, but I'm not interested). So I'll be seeing from 1-3 movies every day that week.

I might still do an evening package as well (or one of the others), but all those are $12.50/movie which is not inexpensive especially if the movie later ends up being released. There's usually a discussion afterward adding to the value, but not always.

I got to the TFF office before they closed and they printed up my tickets. I hope I don't feel, "Oh no, I have to go to ANOTHER movie," which is another reason I didn't go overboard and reserve another 6 or 10.

As for the movie I saw tonight, it was "Then She Found Me," based on a book by Elinor Lipman and directed by and starring Helen Hunt. Also with Bette Midler, Colin Firth, Matthew Broderick, and even Salman Rushdie. There were a lot of things I loved about this movie, and some I didn't. Interesting plot. As in "Half Nelson" it takes place in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but everyone drives. This was the first IFP event since the Spirit screenings, and there were a lot of familiar faces. I saw a crossword being done in front of me, and sure enough it was the same lady (sitting in the same seat) who always did puzzles at the Spirits.

The movie let out early enough so I could have done the NYT puzzles, but I didn't want to stay out that late, so went up to Borders to use my 20% coupon for joining the rewards program. I figured I could also cash in the $15 put on the card.

Borders and I have had a rocky relationship. The cashier said I had no money on my card and it must have expired. Humph, I thought they gave you a month to use it. So I put back a few items (in case I wanted to buy them with the card another time), and just got Ken Jennings' "Trivia Encyclopedia," with $4 off. Back home, the web site told me my Borders bucks are good NEXT month. Meanwhile, the receipt gives you another 20% off if used this week. I guess I could get an S&S crossword book. They had the Daily Show's "America" book remaindered which would be a great buy if I didn't already have it.

Speaking of customer service, my additional Fresh Direct credits from Friday still haven't been processed. Last time, the credit was up about 10 minutes after I called. I called (again) before I left, and was told the credits are there but pending approval. Uh oh. I gathered some data about the inadvisability of eating refrozen defrosted food just in case. Is it too much to expect frozen food to actually be frozen?

Tick tick tick. Another year older very shortly.

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