Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

You want what?

I wrote this a few years ago, and thought it might be appropriate for the NYT's "Metropolitan Diary" but don't remember if I submitted it or not. Anyway, it never appeared there, but through the magic of blogging it can reach an audience.

Paisley and Me

It started with a voice on my answering machine asking if I could appear at the Meadowlands as Cher. Cher and I both have dark hair and like younger men, but otherwise it’s a real stretch.

A few weeks later, a similar message came through, this time with a return phone number. I called, and learned the caller really wanted "Paisley" (names have been changed), who has my telephone number, but in a nearby area code.

Thus began a connection to the fringes of showbiz. Club owners wanted to book Paisley for a variety of activities. A Marilyn Monroe look-alike left a breathy imitation on my machine. Fatima the belly dancer called from Aladdin Entertainers. Ginny said she could supply giant puppets. Turquoise announced he could not only dance, but also do drag and mingle with the guests at Club Tattoo.

After receiving an urgent-sounding message with no return phone, I called Paisley herself to relay the info. I assured her these calls were no bother, and she was pleasant and gracious.

Then a few years passed without a call. Searching the Web, I learned that Paisley is going strong, still appearing as Cher and running a celebrity look-alike and party planning company. She has a new phone number and I’m no longer part of the fun.

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