Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Yay, both the Feds and New York accepted my return so that's over with for another year. I act like I'm the only one who has to go through this ordeal, when every American shares it. Maybe they all use accountants and don't have quite as much agony.

Speaking of agony, I'm feeling some dental pain in the upper left. This has happened before and it's been sinuses, though the gum specialist I was referred to 4 years ago thought there was "pulpal sensitivity" (and then it went away on its own). I'm suddenly noticing hot and cold over there. Uh-oh. I'm dosing myself with Vanquish and if it still hurts Monday an emergency visit will be in order. I hope not; what a way to celebrate a birthday! But there are a lot worse things that could be wrong.

My mother's card already arrived. It's pink with a teddy bear and a pretty pink bow around the card. We're so babyish.

The order from Levenger's also arrived. The packaging was gorgeous. The steel bookstand came in a box with a bungee strap holding it closed, and the stand itself was in a soft bag. I saved the box. For some reason, this item was just discontinued. I'm not sure the lapdesk will be comfortable, but I can detach the cushion. I could have used it outside when it was warm the other day, but I never left the apartment. I also got some bungee bookmarks.

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