Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Our annual nightmare is over. I just e-filed my tax returns. Well, I hope it's over and they accept the return.

There was one item TaxCut wouldn't handle last year and still won't this year, forcing you to do convoluted manual calculations if you had a state refund and paid the last estimated tax payment for the previous year in January. Remembering this, I cleverly tricked them by paying the last 2007 payment back in December. But wait, the payment in January 2007 covering 2006 taxes still had to be dealt with. Bleh.

Last year, I tried something which may or may not be right, and this year I tried something different which may or may not be right. This is why accountants have jobs. To placate the IRS, I attempt to err on the side of paying too much, and if I did it wrong, FINE, bill me!

As I mentioned, next year this won't happen because I paid in December. And it also won't happen because for the first time in ages, I owed both Federal and State (a total of over $800) and am not getting a refund. My puzzle income was very low, but the investments did really well, making the estimated payments inadequate. It's impossible to predict.

I'd love to take a long rest but still have all that work. Maybe I'll take a half day. And I did schedule that movie for Monday.

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