Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Former co-worker John Sellers coined the word "weard" for a creatively shaved beard. The kind that makes you igry, maybe?

I had some At-Home puzzles to mail. When I left for work, I was heading in a different direction (errand) than my usual mailbox, found the mailbox on Broadway was no longer there due to construction, took the envelopes downtown with me, didn't see a mailbox near the Times, and finally left the envelopes in an "outgoing mail" bin on the 4th floor. Not so finally; I wasn't sure it was OK to put stamped, non-work-related envelopes there. Since the last pick-up was before I arrived, the envelopes were still in the bin when I finished working, so I took them BACK out with me, still didn't see a mailbox in the area, brought them back up on the subway, and mailed them in my usual mailbox near home. I should have just walked a block out of my way to begin with.

There was another bookstore event I wanted to go to -- Janice Erlbaum (whose new book I recently read) doing an hour memoir-writing class at 7:30 tonight at the same B&N I went to last night. I'm not sure what an hour memoir-writing class entails, but I never found out since I didn't leave the NYT until after 9.

My mother received the tissue box cover (not safe for work) and called to say she could not stop laughing.

I haven't eaten anything today and it's already tomorrow. I'm going straight to the kitchen after sending out the Times puzzles.

Thursday needs to be devoted to taxes. The clock is ticking. Maybe some At-Home grading for a break.

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