Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm waiting for some work to come in, so will take this opportunity to update.

I handed in Uptown puzzles early Tuesday, and have also been sending out At-Home puzzles (with lots more to go). Still have 2 small jobs due next week - AND the very big job of taxes, which I haven't worked on since the weekend, other than to move paper around and update a spreadsheet with LA Times income. I'll load the software tonight.

I used to have tons of plastic grocery bags to line my garbage cans and never needed to buy Glad bags. Since I've been doing Fresh Direct more, I'm often out of bags. I even broke down and bought a package of bags. So now when the grocery store unnecessarily double-bags, I don't say a word and accept the extra bag. Not very green of me.

Jennifer Weiner was speaking Tuesday at 7:30 at B&N Lincoln Square. I saw her at another B&N almost 2 years ago, so I didn't really need to hear her again, especially now when I'm so busy. On Tuesday, I ran some errands, came back and ate, and was resigned to settling down to work for the night. Then I looked at the blog on jenniferweiner.com and felt like maybe I should go. I called my sister (also a fan) who convinced me to go - after convincing me she was the Spanish-speaking nanny. Oy, I'm so gullible.

I got there late, as the author was telling funny stories about her pregnancy, reality TV ("Rock of Love") and her books of course. The new one is a sequel to "Good in Bed" and I'm sure I'll read it eventually. Another one in the works will cover friendship. Everything's been optioned but there don't seem to be any young, large-sized actresses who can play these characters.

Walking past the Sony (or AMC or whatever it is now) Lincoln Square a guy was recruiting for a movie preview for later this week. High-profile, A-list stars. Guess I could do it. He asked if I worked in media and I said, "Not anymore!" since I'm not currently in TV. He told me to RSVP to the number on the flier. Reading it on the bus, it turned out you have to be 25-54 which I just miss (flattering that he gave me the flier - though I'd be more flattered if it was 25-44). The small print said audience members should not work in entertainment or media and considering I usually go to events BECAUSE I work in media, it wasn't really fair to claim I don't. Besides, puzzles and print is still media. So I don't really qualify for this recruited audience.

I thought of giving the flier to some young-looking people on the bus, but posted it in the laundry room. I meant to take it down this morning if it was still there and bring it to the Times - but EVERYONE there works in media. And almost all my friends work in media of some sort. Oh well, sorry to waste the invite (unless someone in the building took it).
(UPDATE: It was still in the laundry room, so I took it back. If anyone wants to use it, contact me ASAP. It's for Thursday at 6:45 just north of midtown.)

Here come the puzzles - gotta go!

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