Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Quicken updating is done. I also entered the first quarter mutual fund reports received today even though they have no relevance to 2007 taxes. It would be nice to remain motivated to keep this up throughout the year.

I emptied the tax-related pieces of paper from the cabinet and bins, and put them in piles on the living room floor. I still have to prune these piles of unnecessary paper (quarterly reports that are included in the year-end report, prospectuses available online, etc.). Then it'll be time to load the tax software and do the numbers. Soon.

First, I have to get work done. I made some progress, but not enough.

I received a response from Edy's re my favorite pint-size flavors, and yes, they've been discontinued. Bummer! Edy's does not understand the single female weight-watching-yet-wanting-to-eat-ice-cream-in-smaller-containers-in-one-sitting market.

Two books got finished since I last talked about books:

"The Sky's the Limit: Passion and Property in Manhattan" by Steven Gaines. Inside the world of super-expensive apartments I will never be able to afford. One of the people profiled was recently murdered "broker to the stars" Linda Stein.

"Hype" by Liz Nickles. Novel about advertising. It all seemed so superficial.

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